How this started

This is site is a destination for product marketing managers (PMMs) trying to perfect their craft.

Product marketing is a function that is ubiquitous in technology companies, yet there are relatively few resources about what it is, how to do it, and what makes someone a good product marketing manager. So much so that even the wikipedia entry admits “this article has multiple issues”.

This is hardly surprising given that product marketing is not something you study in college, or even in business school, and the only way to learn it is by being an apprentice – i.e. by observing others, and doing it yourself.

This site embodies the collective wisdom of the product marketing teams that I have had the honor to lead at VMware, bebop and Google. Circa 2011 at VMware we realized there was very little codified about the product marketing craft, and we collected everything we knew about it in a document we called “the product marketing handbook”. The resources here are an evolution of that product marketing handbook.

Contact me if you would like to contribute to the site.


Bogomil Balkansky

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